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prosecutors and. thank you very all we are going to do right now. thank you. jummy: that news conference just wrapping up in charleston, s.c.. we have learned that the sus x -- the suspect was arrested in shelby, north carolina, 250 miles away from charleston. it was a citizen tip that led the least aware he was. the shooting happened at the church in downtown charleston. nine people killed, six women three men, and looting the pastor of the church. we know that the police are labeling this as a hate crime. the mayor of charleston, mayor joe reilly saying that the suspect is now in custody where he will "always remain." we will continue to follow the details in this breaking news this afternoon. we want to get the marci gonzalez, with the latest from
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charleston. marcy: such sadness and disbelief, the road leading to the church is still blocked people have been coming by all morning, leaving behind flowers. prayers brought the victims last night. prayers. more today. nine victims shot to death in what investigators called hate crime. >> this has no place in a civilized society. marci: an arrest after the police searched for this man outside the church, identified as 21-year-old dylann roof, who got away in this black hyundai. investigators say that he sat for an hour with prisoners before starting his gruesome rampage last night.
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>> this is an extremely dangerous individual. marci: three people survived, including 15-year-old girl who said that she is only alive because she played dead. among the six women and three men killed, included the church pastor. >> the senator was the moral conscious of the general assembly. marci: the grief over this horrific attack, still setting in. >> police have not released the names of the other victims saying they are still trying to contact her family's. in charleston, s.c., marci gonzalez. jummy: thank you. we are waiting for the president to speak at any moment now. you can see the reporters at the white house. as soon as he begins speaking we will take you to the white house
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to listen in. in the meantime the fbi is joining in to figure out what's art is deadly attack. jeanette reyes is live in the newsroom. i am and that you got done talking with brad garrett, what did he have to say? >> people around the country have watched in horror as we have learned more about the victims, the shooter, and a look into the possible motives. brad garrett has interrogated terrorist and high profile cases like this one. he says that the suspect is young, just 21 years old probably expressing rage or anger on social media in the past, he believes that a certain event triggered him to do this possibly recent rhetoric around rape. we know that the justice department's civil rights division is opening a hate time investigation. the former special agent tells
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me that he cannot think of any reason it would not the considered a hate crime. >> could it be something else? could it be personal? i suppose. you could go to any african-american church in south carolina that was historic. >> the gunman was just caught minutes ago. bringing some really. garrett tells me that though that is significant, he does have concerns about copycats. we will pass along any more information that we get. jummy:4 of course this tragedy hits close to home, for our colleague, armstrong williams, today he appeared on our sister station, news channel 8 to talk about his family's loss. >> it was planned. you had mrs. clinton in town last night. you had bush in town last night.
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i just think that you do not get these assassins -- that's what this was, an assassin. >> williams says that he grew up with his cousin whose dream was always to be a pastor. stay with us for more on this developing story here. we will have up-to-the-minute updates on air and online. just a heads up, brad dell is on his way to charleston right now. the look at his live report is tonight at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00. we are waiting for decisions on a number of supreme court cases ending the session. one or more could come today. sam sweeney is live at the height orton with what could happen. -- high court with what could happen. sam: these decisions don't of first amendment rights, freedom of speech, and criminal rights
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issues. the court ruled unanimously that statements about child abuse can be used as evidence in court even if the child does not testify. two other decisions today dealt with free speech. the court upheld the refusal to issue a license but with the confederate flag. unlike a sticker, which is private property, license plates were declared state properties of the state has discretion. in a second free-speech case they ruled that an arizona church have the right to put up temporary signs around the church. the temporary ordinance limited that ability, but did allow similar election style signs. in another decision they spare the life of a convicted killer, saying that louisiana not execute a cop killer because he was mentally disabled. in the final case of the day, a hot topic in the district right
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now, the prosecutor must prove that the defendant or dealer knew exactly the chemical compound of those synthetic drugs. there are still two weeks left in the supreme court term that ends late in june -- late in june and we do expect the big cases of the year, same-sex marriage and the debate over obamacare to be released monday june 29. i am sam sweeney, abc 7 news. jummy: we want to switch to aerial shots of shelby, north carolina, just outside charlotte , where the suspect was arrested a short time ago. police cars still on the scene. we don't know what he is doing, but it appears that his black sedan might have been pulled into that driveway. that is possibly his car. we will continue to look at the scene and update you with new details while we wait for president obama to speak at the white house at any minute. stay with us for the latest this breaking news story.
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we want to switch to another big story right now, and urgent search for a man who sexually assaulted a six-year-old in public. surveillance cameras capture the crime and a good image of the suspect. he touched the child at a pharmacy in riverdale park. police say that the child was walking down the aisles with her mom nearby when the man allegedly walked up to the child and touched her inappropriately. anyone who may recognize this man right here is asked to call the police. a woman sexually assaulted by jesse matt in 2005 is expected back in court today. she is scheduled to testify on the effect that it had on her life. the woman's testimony today is supposed to help the judge determine an appropriate punishment. all right, we want to take a look at the weather right now the heat and humidity returning today along with the chance for some storms.
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doug hill is here with a look at that first forecast. doug: humidity coming back, heat coming back, let's get a look at current temperatures. a live look at the camera, clouds in the sky, 84 degrees dew point 72, it is already the -- already rather muggy. 79 degrees in baltimore satellite radar showing overnight showers moving out of the picture, cloudiness with high out south of washington and not much else, low-level cloudiness with this sudden peeking through in the heat of the day. then we will start to see the thunderstorms increasing, though there are no watches or advisories any thunderstorms that develop in the sadness year could produce strong wind gusts. heading to 88 and the lower 90's
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, a little bit of sun with a chance for showers and forms and the full forecast in a couple of minutes. doug: -- jummy: tropical depression bill is taking aim at the midwest. the remnants of the storm pounding the already waterlogged region, up to one foot of rain fell in some areas. rest is were able to save three teenagers from raging floodwaters in san antonio. powerful floodwaters swept the top the right out of her father's arms in oklahoma. police plan to reserve -- resume r search for the girl today. a bold stance on climate change coming from the pope. pope francis called for a cultural revolution today. john gonzalez takes a look at the pope's call to action. >> the cyclical, is as i read it, a way of reading the signs of the times. jo with the release of his
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historic cyclical on the environment, pope francis has called on everyone to receive it with an open spirit. >> this is our home. it has been damaged. it is affecting all of us, especially the poor. >> the pontiff issues a moral challenge, stating partially that humanity is failing of god-given role to be a responsible steward of earth and he believes that time is running out to fix the problem. >> not only because of pollution caused by toxic emissions, but simply as the result of urban chaos, poor transportation, and what he describes as visual pollution and noise. >> the leader of the catholic church gently called climate change man-made. however, conservative candidates like jeff push are skeptical of the climate change warning.
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>> i hope i will not get castigated for saying this by my priest ekholm, but i don't get economic policy from my bishops cardinals, or hope. >> the release comes just months before he makes his first ever visit to the u.s., where he will make stops the united nations in new york and meet with the president here in bc and by then this will probably still be a hot topic. doug: -- jummy: coming up coverage of the charleston church massacre continues. we have a live report as we have more from the suspect on the arrest. plus the search continues for that escaped prisoner in new york state. and the warning from police after teenager was killed. doug is back with when we can
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jummy: this is a live look at the white house where we are asked acting the president speak in a few minutes. the suspect has been arrested and is now in custody. we just heard from the mayor there in charleston as well as the police chief a few minutes ago. we are expecting to hear from president obama and we will go to that as soon as he begins talking. we want to get a check on our forecast. storms later? doug: showers and storms, not much popping right now.
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the time lapse has a live image. moisture this morning gave way to cloudy guys slowly starting to climb, making their move into the upper 70's and lower 80's in the metro area, most parts will be in the upper 80's by later this afternoon with increased moisture levels feeling very uncomfortable. 79 in gaithersburg in frederick at the noon hour 84 degrees at the reagan national airport. we are watching the pattern slowly evolve in front of our eyes. they by day it will be warmer with more humid air, eventually you will have to deal with all of this, the remnant moisture associated with tropical storms and tropical depressions it looks as though the track may bring some of the heaviest rain left over into our areas, but that will not be until saturday evening or saturday night but
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until then there will be daily opportunities for showers and storms down to this out with a warm front passing through and heat and humidity passing through with tantalizingly will weather on the lake. staying at arms length for a while, the heat and humidity will win out. this has been the big players separating the cool air to the north with the hot air to the south, all making moves that it close to us as we run through eight saturday and on the afternoon. forecast, futurecast wise, the rendered suggestion with showers and storms this afternoon has a computer simulation, not radar with showers and forms moving through overnight, tomorrow looks like additional chances for showers and thunderstorms salvaging of version of saturday morning before it makes it run the area and then after that it looked like this will be kind of
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heavy this evening. we know that the it happen again , possibility of a nationals market ross the area, otherwise temperatures holding through the evening. could be muggy or cloudy overnight, taking your head for the day tomorrow back to the 90 degree mark with isolated thunderstorms and take a look at the heat and humidity once again. still chances for rain and thunderstorms on friday and saturday we are thinking that the heaviest and most concentrated will be saturday evening through sunday morning. basically just hot and humid weather through the end of next week. jummy: thank you. back to the breaking news south airliner, the suspect 21-year-old dylann roof arrested in shelby, north carolina, reportedly he was at the church to "shoot lack people
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-- black people are go what more have we learned about him and his arrest? holly? holly: we know that he was arrested, like he said, in shelby, north carolina, it is about 45 minutes from charlotte three and a half hours from here in charles and. police say that it was a tip from the member of the public who recognized his car and at that point they called police. with that they were able to arrest him and take him into gusts eddie. he is now in custody and i can tell you that it is a real sense of relief around here as the had been a massive manhunt this morning. jummy: have you gotten any sort of feet act or reaction from anyone on the ground reacting to the fact that the suspect has been arrested? holly: a huge
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sense of relief. i think a lot of people were very concerned, and a lot of people have been very's up order. governor haley had a press conference earlier that said that south carolina is a case where people love each other -- we have seen that. people and parishioners coming into tellers tories. coming in to support each other. very relieved, supported, now the healing will have to begin. jummy: holly live for us there in charleston, thank you so much, we are just seconds away from hearing from president obama live at the white house we know that joe biden called and spoke to the mayor -- it appears they are about to speak. let's listen. president obama good afternoon
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everybody. this morning i and the vice president spoke with the mayor and other leaders in charleston to express our deep stop -- deep sorrow over the senseless murders that took place last night. michele and i know several members of the emmanuel church. we knew their pastor, who along with eight others gathered in prayer and fellowship and were murdered last night. to say that our thoughts and prayers are with them, the families and community, does not say enough to convey the heart ache and sadness, and the anger, that we feel. any death of this sort is a tragedy.
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any shooting involving multiple victims is a tragedy. there is something particularly heartbreaking about it f happening in a place in which we speak -- in which we seek solace in peace. in a place of worship. mother emmanuel is in fact more than a church. it is a place of worship that was founded i african-americans seeking liberty. -- founded i african-americans seeking liberty. it was burned to the ground because the worshipers worked to end slavery. there were laws banning all black church gatherings. when there was a nonviolent movement to bring our country closer in line with our highest
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ideals, some of our best leaders spoke and led marches from the steps of this is a sacred place in the history of charleston and in the history of america. the fbi is -- is now on the scene and the best of the bureau are there to join them. the attorney general has announced plans for the a guide to open a hate crime invest nation. we understand that the suspect is in custody. we will let law enforcement worked to make sure that justice is served. until the investigation is complete i am necessarily strained in talking about the details of the case, but i do not to be constrained about the emotions that tragedies like this raise. i've had to make statements like this too many times.
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communities like this have had to endure tragedies like this too many times. we don't have all of the fact is, but we do know that once again innocent people were killed in part because someone who wanted had no trouble getting their hands on a gun. now is the time for mourning and healing. let's be clear, at some point we as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries. it doesn't happen in other places. with this kind of frequency. it is in our power to do something about it. i say that recognizing the politics in this town.
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let me close those avenues right now. but it would be wrong for us not to ignore knowledge it. at some point it will be important for the american people to come to grips with it. and for us to shift how we think about the issue of gun violence collectively. the fact that this took place in a black church obviously also raises russians about a dark part of our history. -- raises questions about it ark heart of our history. hatred poses a particular threat to our democracy and ideals. the good news is that i am confident that the outpouring of unity, strength, fellowship and
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low ross charleston today, from all races, from all faiths from all places of worship indicate the degree to which those messages of hatred can be overcome. that was certainly the hope of dr. king 50 years ago after four little girls were killed in a bombing in a black church in birmingham, alabama. living meaningful lives, they died nobly. they say to each of us, he said, black and white alike, that we must substitute courage for caution, be concerned not merely with who murdered them, but about the system, way of life and philosophy that reduce the murderers. it says to us that we must work passionately and unrelentingly
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for the realization of the american dream. if one will hold on, we will discover that god walks with us and that god is able to lift you despair with the buoyancy of hope and transform dark and desolate alleys into sunlit halves. -- paths. the reverend in his congregation understood that spirit. their christian faith compelled them to reach out not just to members of their congregation or two members of their own community, but to all in need. they opened their doors to strangers who might enter a church and search for redemption. mother emmanuel church and its congregation have risen from flames before.
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from earthquakes and other dark times, giving hope to generations. with our prayers and our love they are going to now rise again as a place of peace. thank you. jummy: that was president obama speaking there from the white house. the vice president is standing the him and said that he is in deep sorrow, that he in the first lady knew the reverend and some of the others at that church and he mentioned that this is a time to mourn and also touched for several minutes on the fact that this does not happen with the same frequency and other nations. we are covering all a goals of this breaking news, stay with us for the very latest as we continue our coverage at 4:00 evening.
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let's bring doug in for a final check on the forecast. doug: showers and thunderstorms are a good debt. -- good bet. jummy:
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